Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Girls

Here are the three cards I made for our daughters' latest round of birthdays. Each card was personalized to the girl's current interests.

First is Andrea, who discovered the joys of running track this year. She's also the child who has always loved the color blue, but recently informed me she'd like to paint her bedroom orange and green. What?? Welcome to the world of teenagers.

Next is Kara, a big fan of pink, and our 'Ladybug'. I was inspired to create her card to coordinate with the birthday partyware, but didn't think to photograph it as a comparison.

Finally, we have Abby's card. She's our storyteller who is constantly writing stories about amazing creatures. Her second grade teacher has told her time and again NOT to draw unicorns on her worksheets:

Three wonderful girls, each as unique as their card! Thanks for always keeping life an adventures, dear daughters o' mine!!


  1. Jessica, all three cards are just so wonderful. You are so talented and so clever!! That is a cute description of the 3 girls...and what does Mommy do??? Puts a unicorn on Abby's card...hahah...Hugs...Jacque

  2. Jessica, these are sooo sweet! I have two grown daughters that are my best friends...You ARE BLESSED..Your love shines thru the cards you made! I have that HM stamps and have not inked it up I am inspired and LOVE what u did! :)

  3. Absolutely fabulous cards. Love the shoes on the first one.

  4. What a gorgeous cards Jessica,l love the image and colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  5. They're all lovely...and orange and green are popular this year, so I can see why Andrea would want to paint her room that, lol. :) Great job on all of the cards, the girls will totally love them.

  6. AWW!!! How gorgeous!! Each one so different and yet so "girly"!! What a great mom you are!! I notice each one is so different which tells me you are a mom like myself embracing each difference in each child!!! I love that!! :)

  7. wow, I love all of these cards. I particularly love that blocked card in the middle!! I've saved it for layout inspiration!! I'll be casing it for sure!!


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