Friday, August 7, 2009

Shout Out to SheetLoad!

It's time for the monthly "Shout Out to SheetLoad" Challenge over at the SheetLoad of Cards blog!!

Head over there today to find out how you can win...

Two (2) FREE Digital Stamps from - Whimsie Doodles!!
Stay tuned -- on Tuesday (8/11) I'll be posting my next project based August's amazing sketch. Be sure to download your free e-issue so you can start using this fun sketch today!!

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  1. While I've seen your cards for the SheetLoad blog and i think I have even tried to check it out without a lot of success(I think the e-issue would not open) so I haven't really "understood" what it was all about. But today I tried clicking on it again and it worked this time. It is very cool and I think I might try it out. I see you are going to be debuted soon - I'll be watching for that :D Thanks for the link!! Love your chocolate cards and box....we think a lot alike "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate" :-)


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