Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wicked Halloween Treats

Ok, I'll admit it -- I love Halloween for the candy.  Dressing up is fun, but the chocolate keeps on giving!

These tins are linked to Order of the Opus Gluei's 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' Halloween challenge because we all know that treats are not only wickedly good, but the weight gained from enjoying too many of them (who, me??) is  wickedly difficult to lose.  Thanks for a fun challenge, Poobahs!

And the only thing better than chocolate is chocolate in a cute container, like these fun tins:

The pop tops are still intact, leaving recipients to wonder if they are receivintg more trick than treat.   It's magic, but not the black kind! 

Check out my TUTORIAL on the DRS blog for how to create this easy altered tin or see this post for another fun application.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I just saw your tutorial- it´s great - thanks for sharing ! These are sweet little tins and so lovely decorated.

  2. What a great idea to use this technique for Halloween!! I've only ever done it once before ... must remember to try it again some day.

    Happy halloween!!

  3. These are really cool sweet treats! Love the idea and it would work just as well for Christmas treats. Great job on decorating them. Love them. Off to view the tutorial!

  4. Love these little treats. Thanks for sharing your tricks. It's always a treat to have you play with us at OPUS GLUEI.

  5. These are super adorable Jess - I'll be checking out your tutorial. Happy Halloween!

  6. So gorgeous Jessica.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. Hi Jess - these are totally too cute!! I'll have to catch the tutorial.

  8. Oh, how wonderful to see your name pop up on the participants in this challenge! I always know when I see YOU that I'm going to see something really well executed and very colorful, and this sure is. I have to check out the tutorial and get inspiration (hey, this can translate to other holidays AND inspire me for next Halloween as well). You made me giggle about candy keeps giving, it sure does!

    Great color, fun idea, and that little something extra that makes the recipient feel special!

    Thanks for participating with us at Opus Gluei!!!

  9. Sorry it has taken me so long to stop by and tell you how wonderful your project is!


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